Nikita Pavlov - videographer in Berlin

I make videos, documentaries, portraits and all other kinds of still and moving images

Born in 1982 in Moscow, Russia, I was working as a photographer in Russia and Israel for more than 10 years, being staff photographer with the Seance film magazine and publishing house since 2004, and working as a freelancer for various magazines.

With the Seance publishing house I made two books with the portraits of Russian cinema makers.

Eventually I shifted to cinema while studying at Musrara — The Naggar School of Photography and New Media in Jerusalem, Israel.

In 2011 I scripted, directed and filmed feature documentary movie When New Year Comes on Shabbat.

Since then I moved to Berlin and working as cinematographer on documentary, features and video movies. I was a cameraman on a VICE movie Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia, with Petr Zhukov I worked on a feature movie Çiçek in Turkey, with Olga Kravets I filmed documentary It’s Getting Dark, and currently I work on my first feature movie.


We spent quite some time looking for a wedding photographer on the internet, and what we found was even beyond what we had hoped for. Nikita’s photography is art in the true sense of the word. Rather than staging each shot with his subjects pose, he captures so well the raw emotion and spontaneity of each part of the day. Beyond this, Nikita was infinitely helpful with any questions we had or suggestions we needed — pertaining to photography or not! And on a personal level, you would be hard-pressed to find a person as humble as Nikita. We could not recommend him more.

Ana and Brent


Nikita — these are AMAZING! Thank you so much for doing such a absolutely fantastic job. We will treasure these photos forever. We very much enjoyed your energy at the wedding.

Deborah and David

I did not expect each photograph to be a masterpiece… it’s all so fine — the details noted, the right emphasises, emotions, very us. All so very delicate and artful, so smart and intelligent.

Nastya and Stepan

To say that we have received exceptional photos is oh so not enough! The photographs have exceed all our expectations. Nikita, we’d like to thank you again and again! We are just so crazy about your work!

Irina and Eduard

I cannot recommend Nikita highly enough for anyone in need of high-quality documentary footage delivered promptly and professionally. The footage he delivered went above and beyond our shot list in the best way possible, and he brought a finely tuned artistic eye to every shot. Exceptional!

Hans Glick

Thank you very much for the fantastic pictures! You really catched some of the finest moments of our great day. We will share and enjoy the pictures. We are really satisfied with the result and the work you have done, and will recommend you to others.

Nina and Andreas


Cinema and video of the highest quality

Quality of the image is very important for me. That’s why I prefer cameras that can record RAW video, which gives perfect sharpness and rich colours, as well as flexibility during post production. But of course depending on your project, regular formats are also available.

Also I mastered art of packing tight and traveling light, so I can bring my full filming package almost anywhere.

Cameras: Canon EOS C200 (4K), Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Digital Bolex D16 (2K).

Lenses: Canon EF L 24-70 2.8, Canon EF 50 1.4, Sigma 18-35 1.8, Sigma 70-200 2.8, Samyang 85mm T1.5, Canon EF 28mm 2.8.

Sachtler Telescopic Tripod TT 75/2 CF with FSB 6 Fluid Head. Additional smaller tripods are available too.

Edelkrone slider.

Sound: Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun microphone, Sennheiser wireless lavalier microphone system with Sanken COS-11D microphone, Zoom H6 audio recorder, Rode VideoMic Pro, Rode Boompole Pro.

Steadycam: Camera Motion Research Blackbird Camera Stabilizer.

Gimbal: Zhiyun Crane.

Shoulder rig.

Light: Aputure Light Storm LS C120d with Light Dome Mini Diffuser1×1 LED panel with softbox, Brighcast Flexible LED with softbox, 312 LED panel with softbox and Z96 LED panel.

My full equipment list available here:


Berlin, Germany

I work everywhere in Europe, USA, Russia, Israel etc.

+49 178 539 09 47